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 Chaos's Chamber: Unexpected Guest(Private...Kita Only)

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PostSubject: Chaos's Chamber: Unexpected Guest(Private...Kita Only)   Sun Dec 26, 2010 5:34 am

Something must have been amiss for this has been the second day in a row that the Cuatra had spent within the confinements of his quarters. Was he sick? Did arrancar even get sick? Was he suffering some type of emotional trauma? Why was the young arrancar within this mighty fortress. What might seem normal to most, wasn’t normal for this arrancar. For usually he would never spend more then one day within this fortress and preferred the freedom that the vast desert of Hueco Mundo provided him. That was his playground so to speak and he enjoyed every minute of it. Where others saw nothing but desert Chaos saw endless hope...endless peace.

There was something about the desert that tug at the arrancar like a moth getting to close to flame. It drew him closer darning him to go further. So why did he liked the fortress that Aizen Sousuke had built no doubt with the help of some hollows and the likes. It was simple at prime the fortress was hope for all the arrancars and the like. But now only thing Chaos saw was a memorial for the hopes and dreams that had died way before him. That’s all that this fourth espada saw within this place, but yet he was in his quarters doing what exactly.

Having just recently taken a shower, through some odd means. The young arrancar had a brownish monk rode wrapped around his figure. His silver hair was slightly damp from the bathe along with his skin be slightly moist. Clutched in his right gloveless hand was a white cup that held tea within it. Yes it was true that he didn’t like tea, but he tends to have a taste for it every now and then. And this was one of the times, sitting on the cough...he would enjoy his time within his room chamber that he specially designed for him.

Though he had a feeling that since he was home...he was bond to get an unwelcome guest...sooner or later.

((Description of Chamber can be found in "Chaos's Chamber"))
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos's Chamber: Unexpected Guest(Private...Kita Only)   Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:53 am

Kita was frustrated. No it wasn't cause someone had done something stupid. It was because she needed to get laid, and she couldn't find Grimmjow, or Fuu ANYWHERE!!! Okay, she needed to calm down and think about this rationally, which was hard for Kita who was ruled by her emotions. She wasn't Mina, her sister, who ALWAYS thought rationally. But she needed to take stock.

James. he was too busy banging his fraccion to even remotely enter her mind as someone to try and screw the brains out of. Incognita. god no. She's great and all, but Kita didn't swing towards the same sex. Ulquoirra......yeah not going there. She wanted to beat him with his own shit stick that was shoved in his ass. Not even going to touch that man that way.

Next on her list was Chaos. and that could be, and would be a fun ordeal. Perhaps she'd get him drinking, get a relationship going, and then keep him wrapped around her finger. Improve her lot in life. Oh yes, this was going to be a good evening. Grabbing one of her large bottles of sake that she had left over from when Syazel had been the 8th Espada, she heads towards Chaos' rooms, which weren't that far from her spacious rooms. A small smile crossed her features as she thought of the fun to come. A drinking game with him would be ever so much fun...since she had done almost everything to be done on this earth. Never had I ever? Good luck getting on she hasn't done. Standing outside his door, she gives the door a knock, leaning against the wall next to it. She'd wait on him to answer the door.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos's Chamber: Unexpected Guest(Private...Kita Only)   Sun Dec 26, 2010 4:38 pm

The young arrancar was just about to fall asleep on the comfortable sofa when there was a knock at his door, causing his eyes to fluttered open. And here he thought he would be able to finally get some privacy within his quarters, isn’t that what it was for? To un-coil oneself and let loose in a place where no one would disturb you? It seems like this wasn’t the case for the arrancar at all. Every day since he has been within his quarters someone or something tried to visit him and they all had a reason from visiting the young man.

Though he guess this is what the young arrancar gets from being such a mysterious being. It wasn’t his fault that he kept to himself most of the time. Only speaking when he deemed the time was right. Slowly getting up from his resting place, he would leave his empty cup on the table as he made his way towards the door. On his way there he ponder on who it might be at the door. Maybe the Octava espada; Lucy? He had grown fond of her after their last encounter.

Opening the door his neon blue eyes fell upon the person who was standing in front of him. It was no other then Kita the fifth espada. “Come in.” He said turning around and walking back towards another wall. Placing his hand on the wall, the marble slab turned sideways as a hidden passage way was now visible “I wasn’t expecting anyone to visit me, Kita.” He said returning back with two shot glasses. The marble slab turn back inward as the passage way disappear from the sight of Kita.

Making his way back to the couch, he place the two shot glasses on the table and look at Kita. The reason he had gotten two shot glasses was because, he noticed the bottle within her hand. The young arrancar was still native about some stuff and didn’t know that it was a bottle of sake she was holding. For it never came across his mind that she would try to get the innocent arrancar drunk.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos's Chamber: Unexpected Guest(Private...Kita Only)   Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:27 am

Kita smiled softly at the young appearing Arrancar in front of her. Inside she already knew that she had him the moment he opened that door. "Well I do like to do the unexpected some times Yeshua-kun." She said walking into his room, and closing the door behind her. The locking slide slightly into it's home, and she walked over to the couch, sitting next to him, one foot curled underneath her as she poured the two shot glasses about three quarters full of Sake.

Handing one to Yeshua, she smiles at him sweetly. Even though normally she was a very very angry individual, she was also quite the actress, able to take on any personality she needed to get what she wanted from who she wanted. Holding hers up, she speaks softly. "To new beginnings then Yeshua-kun." Putting the edge of the glass to her lips, she tips the liquid back in her throat like a pro, and down the Sake with ease, enjoying the taste by licking her lips seductively.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos's Chamber: Unexpected Guest(Private...Kita Only)   Sun Jan 02, 2011 6:27 pm

The young arrancar was quite native about the reasons that the fifth espada had come to visit him. Maybe she just wanted to visit him like Lucy had? Then again many had tried to enter his chambers and it was only recently that he had allowed some of others to enter his chambers. “You are yet another one who called me by my human name and not by my hollow name; Chaos.” The young arrancar said, his neon blue eyes looking at Kita. Granted he never made a fuss about people calling him; Yeshua normally it was only the Espada Leader who called him this but now everyone has.

A smile came across Chaos’s face returning the one that Kita had given him. Wrapping his digits around the shot glasses. “To new beginnings.” He said, before downing the liquid in the glass. The young arrancar instinctively began to cough, from downing the liquid. What was that he had just drunken? Oh the poor arrancar didn’t know that he had just had his shot of sake. “What was that?” He asked.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos's Chamber: Unexpected Guest(Private...Kita Only)   Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:30 am

Kita's eyes gave a slight wing up and a small smirk. "Ah, but you see, my hollow name is that same as my former human name. I just naturally assumed you were the same." She said, just before he down his drink to their toast. And that reaction gave her pause. The kid didn't know that what he had dranken was Sake. Was he truly this Niave? Oh that could be ever so much fun. Running tongue over her teeth on the inside of her lips, she leans forward slightly, giving Chaos an excellent view of her cleavage. "It's called Sake Yeshua-kun. Please don't tell me you've never dranken of it before..." Her voice was soft, and her face slightly pouty. This was the kind of dangerous woman Kita was. She could and would take what she wanted from the man whether he liked it or not.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos's Chamber: Unexpected Guest(Private...Kita Only)   

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Chaos's Chamber: Unexpected Guest(Private...Kita Only)
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