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 Ulquiorra Schiffer~~ Former Cuarta Espada

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Ulquiorra schiffer
Segunda Espada
Ulquiorra schiffer

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PostSubject: Ulquiorra Schiffer~~ Former Cuarta Espada    Ulquiorra Schiffer~~ Former Cuarta Espada  Icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 9:43 pm

Arrancar/Espada Application


Name: Ulquiorra schiffer
Alias/Nickname: N/A
Actual Age: Unknown
Physical Age: early 20s
Gender: Male
Rank: 4th


Height: 169 cm (5'6½")
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs.)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color/Style: Black
Complexion: pale white

Remains of Mask: helm with a broken horn
Hollow Hole: Lower Sternum
Espada Tattoo:( still on his left chest

Sealed state

Release State

Segunda Etapa


Personality: Ulquiorra is a very cold, callous figure, hitting his comrade Yammy in the stomach with his arm on one occasion in an effort to get his attention. He's also rather dispassionate and rarely shows any sign of emotion, often appears depressed, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they ever disrupt his plans. He tends to call anyone he does not find interesting "trash", and therefore expendable. Despite this, he is not particularly violent, unlike most of his Espada comrades, and will only fight whenever provoked or ordered to by Aizen. As noted by Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, Ulquiorra has a habit of stabbing people in the same location as his hollow hole whenever he's particularly interested in a battle. Whether he is consciously aware of this habit or not is unknown. However, his speech to Orihime indicates that he is, as he speaks of never seeing the "human heart (emotions)" that living humans possess and understand, and reasons that if his eye cannot see them, then they are not real. These words, and much of Ulquorra's overall behavior, can safely lead one to assume that he is a firm believer in the concept of materialism. It would appear that as a result of his isolated life as a hollow, Ulquiorra does not understand feelings and emotions as well as empathetic characters like Orihime tend to. His overall behavior towards his allies and enemies, as well as his apparently self-inflicted habit of stabbing people in the chest, may symbolize that fact.

Ulquiorra is perceptive, cunning, and analytical; during his and Yammy's first visit to the human world, he makes several remarks on the humans who confront them. He theorizes that Orihime Inoue's healing power is a temporal-spatial ability, which Aizen describes as the rejection of fate and comments on how Ichigo Kurosaki's Bankai can easily get through Yammy's defenses. He also notes Ichigo's power fluctuation, which varies between very weak and stronger than his own.

It would appear that Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, the 6th Espada, are not on good terms. While Ulquiorra allows Yammy to kill anyone he deemed as "trash", which includes Ichigo, Ulquiorra allows him to live based on his belief that Ichigo's power is so turbulent that eventually he will destroy himself. Grimmjow's conflicting viewpoint is that Ichigo should be destroyed outright, as he can overcome his weakness and grow even stronger. Despite Grimmjow's argument, Aizen trusts Ulquiorra's judgment. This disagreement leads to Grimmjow's unauthorized assault on the real world. Though Ulquiorra is of a higher rank than Grimmjow, Grimmjow is confident that Ulquiorra is afraid to fight him, for fear of them destroying one another.

Ulquiorra seems to be demanding as well, such as when he came to Orihime's chamber and ordered her to eat a meal a servant Arrancar brought in, claiming it was her "duty" to stay alive for Aizen's benefit. When Orihime hesitated, he threatened to force the food down her throat, or strap her to a table and feed her via an IV. This also implies that, while he prefers not to dirty his hands, Ulquiorra is fully capable of committing truly abhorred and inhumane actions, even more so than Aizen and the other Espada.

Quirks: Does anything to reach his goal.
Sexuality: Straight (probably)
Relationship Status: Single

Ulquiorra does not have any memories of his past, in fact it is belived that Aizen removed any memories of his past life as an experiment on Vasto lorde evolution, his efforts to turn Ulquiorra into an emotionless loyal servant has indeed met his expectations, the short time Ulquiorra has spent in las noches was enough for him to rise in the rank of 4th espada, because at the point he became an arrancar his powers rose to become even greater than Aizen could have expected (this is a result of the second resureccion form, segunda etapa) he alone holds the power of a second level within all the espada, with his fight with Ichigo he says that even Aizen is not aware of his secondary powers, this could be true since Ulquiorra rarley takes a fight as seriously as with ichigo...

Arrancar arc

Ulquiorra is first seen alongside Yammy Riyalgo when they arrive in Karakura Town to gain information on Ichigo Kurosaki.[6] Yammy comments on his lack of enthusiasm being in the human world, which prompts Ulquiorra to mention that he insisted on coming with him so he shouldn't complain. Yammy apologizes and becomes uneasy that people are starting to gather at the sight they arrived, feeling that they are staring at him. Yammy states he will eat now and uses his Gonzui ability, only to find, much to his displeasure, that the souls are foul tasting. Ulquiorra asks him why he expected such weak souls to taste good and explains to his fellow Arrancar that the humans can't see them, so therefore they couldn't have been staring at him. Yammy admits that he knew before asking who they came to kill. Ulquiorra mentions that they have only come to kill one being and the others can be left alone. When Yammy admits that such a task would be hard. Ulquiorra details that there are currently only three beings of note with any spiritual strength. Upon the arrival of Chad and Orihime Inoue a altercation occurs, resulting in Chad becoming fatally injured.[7] Ulquiorra watches as Yammy attempts to dispatch Orihime, only to be stopped by her Santen Kesshun technique. Then, Yammy notices her Sōten Kisshun technique being used on Chad and questions if she is healing him. Upon noticing this himself Ulquiorra realizes that it is not healing, as it looks more like time reversal or spatial renewal but nothing as simple as healing, making note that he has never seen such a technique before. He then mentions that Orihime is a quite strange for a human. When she tries to attack using her Koten Zanshun technique Yammy easily stops it, much to her dismay. Yammy then asks what should be done with her with Ulquiorra telling him to simply kill her, but he is quickly stopped by the timely arrival of Ichigo.

Somewhat confused, Yammy asks Ulquiorra if this is the target they were meant to find. Ulquiorra confirms that he is and applauds Yammy's lack of subtlety as the reason Ichigo became aware of their presence so fast. He then witnesses with feigned surprise as Ichigo effortlessly blocks Yammy's attack and then cuts off the Arrancar's left arm. As Ulquiorra watches the fight between Ichigo and Yammy, he makes note to himself about Yammy's lack of refinement in battle, as he constantly recklessly charges into battle against Ulquiorra's instruction to learn to read his opponents. Though he readily admits that he is surprised that Ichigo was able to cut through Yammy's Hierro and though he has heard that Ichigo has only just recently attained Bankai, he is taken aback that his reiatsu is so solid. However, he reasons to himself that at his current level Ichigo is no threat to Aizen. After Ichigo soundly beats Yammy, Ulquiorra comments that he is struggling and asks if he wants to switch. Yammy tells him to shut up and proceeds to take out his Zanpakutō, causing Ulquiorra to question whether it is actually necessary to use it against Ichigo.

Ulquiorra watches as Yammy attacks a distracted Ichigo until he is saved by the arrival of Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihōin. After Yammy is effortlessly beaten by Yoruichi and begins to battle Urahara, who fires a blast at Yammy, Ulquiorra steps in and deflects the blast away from them. He then impales Yammy in the stomach with his hand, scolding him for being so reckless and asking who the two he faced are. He mentions that at Yammy's current level he will not win no matter how much he tries. Ulquiorra then opens a Garganta and tells Yammy that it is time for them to retreat. When Yoruichi questions if they are running away, Ulquiorra plainly tells her that she is foolish to make such a taunt, making note that, if the two of them tried to fight him while protecting the others, it is obvious who would emerge the winner. Ulquiorra then states that his mission is over and that he will report to Aizen that the 'fake' Shinigami he was interested in is nothing more than a piece of trash.

Hueco Mundo arc

Upon arriving in Hueco Mundo, Ulquiorra brings Orihime to Las Noches for an audience with Aizen. He has her display her powers to all Espada assembled, by "regenerating" Grimmjow's arm much to the disbelief of Luppi who believed such a thing impossible. Aizen has Ulquiorra confirm this is the power that he spoke of upon his first excursion into the Human world. He then silently watches as Grimmjow has Orihime heals his Espada tattoo and summarily kill Luppi to fully regain his position in the Espada ranks.[19]

Ulquiorra appears again during Aizen's meeting about Ichigo Kurosaki, Yasutora Sado, and Uryū Ishida entering Hueco Mundo to save Orihime Inoue.[20] Afterwards, Aizen warns the Espada to treat the intruders with caution as just four of them went into Soul Society and faced the Gotei 13. Zommari Rureaux notes that he is missing one as there are only three intruders currently. Ulquiorra mentions that they are missing Orihime. He then sits silently as the other Espada argue until Grimmjow interrupts them by attempting to walk out against Aizen's orders. He, alongside the other Espada, sits silently while Aizen subdues Grimmjow with his Spiritual Pressure to keep him in line.

Shortly afterwards, Ulquiorra arrives in the room where Orihime is being kept in Las Noches and informs her that her friends have infiltrated Hueco Mundo. When she asks why, Ulquiorra explains that they have come to rescue her and that it is the only reason they need.[22] He then states that for her such a thing should have no more meaning, because, in both mind and body, she is their comrade. He explains that her wearing the same clothes as the Arrancar signify that concept. He then forces her to acknowledge that her clothes signify that her mind and body exist for Aizen's will. As Ulquiorra leaves Orihime, he acknowledges that, although she showed dismay for a second and didn't flinch at his questions, this is a girl of strong spirit. His thoughts are interrupted by Nnoitra Gilga, who asks how his handling of the girl is and explains how he knew all about how Aizen had entrusted her care to him. He then asks how far along he has gotten in "taming" her, but Ulquiorra ignores him and walks away, calling him degenerate scum. Undeterred, Nnoitra uses Sonido to move in front of him and asks Ulquiorra to not get so testy as he is only asking if everything is going well. Ulquiorra can't comprehend why Nnoitra really cares about something so trivial, but tells him not to worry as Orihime has been under Aizen's spell even before she arrived in Hueco Mundo. Nnoitra then questions if Aizen used Kyōka Suigetsu as usual, though Ulquiorra assures him that the situation was not that big of an issue to warrant its use. He further explains that the moment that she was invited there, multiple psychological cages were put in place; by putting her friends in danger, she was forced into a situation where she couldn't refuse and was forced to surrender. Following that, they gave her a 12-hour period to say goodbye to one of her friends. Nnoitra still doesn't get the significance of the psychological cage that was spoken about. Ulquiorra further explains that she is set to believe that they are not the enemy, and therefore she will follow them of her own free will. He also makes note that, by allowing her to say goodbye to a friend of her own choosing, it allowed her to leave evidence of her free will in the event so that she would be looked upon as a traitor. Finally understanding, Nnoitra states that the plan was well thought out and that he would expect nothing less of Aizen, though Ulquiorra corrects him, stating that such things to Aizen are nothing more than a game: if she is trapped then that is good, if she is not then that is okay as well, as either way she does not have the power to escape from Hueco Mundo or even the will to turn against them.

Ulquiorra reappears to confront Ichigo Kurosaki as he and Nel make their way through Las Noches.[25] Ulquiorra tries to taunt Ichigo, stating that Rukia Kuchiki is dead after sustaining wounds during her fight with Aaroniero Arruruerie. Unsure of whether or not to believe him, Ichigo proceeds to leave, causing Ulquiorra to question if he can do so without killing him first when Ichigo states that he has no reason to fight him. Ulquiorra is perplexed at first until Ichigo explains that although Ulquiorra is the enemy, he has yet to harm any one of his friends. Ulquiorra responds by asking Ichigo what would happen if he told him that he was the one who kidnapped Orihime and brought her to Hueco Mundo. Ichigo attacks as he expresses his realization that Orihime didn't come there of her own free will, but it is blocked by Ulquiorra, who finds it weird that her friends would come to save her if they had doubts about her loyalty. He scolds Ulquiorra for making Orihime get branded a traitor and reasons that he because he has no time to deal with him, they should go all out. He then releases his Bankai. Ulquiorra is unimpressed, but is shocked to see Ichigo wearing a hollow mask. Ichigo then uses a Getsuga Tenshō-enhanced attack against the Espada. Ulquiorra blocks the attack with his forearm, though Ichigo manages to push him back, sending him flying through a number of pillars. As he gathers himself to launch an attack of his own, Ichigo sends a Getsuga Tenshō at him, claiming that the fight is now over. Ulquiorra shows his power by stopping the blast with his bare hands. The force of the blast pushes him back a considerable distance as it makes contact.

Assuming he has won, Ichigo goes to leave with Nel, only to find that Ulquiorra is not only alive, but barely scratched by the attack. Ulquiorra is disappointed that Ichigo actually believed he wouldn't be able to stop the blast even with both hands. He then asks Ichigo if that was all of his power. When Ichigo does not respond, he concludes that it is quite clear that it was. Disappointed, he fires a Cero at Ichigo, sending him flying through a huge hole the Cero blasted through the wall and out into the desert. Ichigo gets up and runs to see if Nel is okay, only to find Ulquiorra moving right beside him. The Espada kicks him, sending him flying a large distance into a large pillar. Ulquiorra then appears before him and states that he summoned his mask before the Cero hit him, allowing him to defend himself via its power, if only for a split second, impressing the Espada with his reaction time. However, he deduces that, this time, the mask shattered in a instant and next time he won't be able to bring it out at all. He then asks for Ichigo to surrender. Unwilling to give up, Ichigo stabs Ulquiorra in the shoulder and tells him he refuses to surrender, reasoning that, because Ulquiorra is the main Espada, after he finishes him off everyone else will be simple clean-up. Ulquiorra looks at him, unfazed by the attack and grabs his sword, pulling it away from him to the side, causing his coat to rip open, and revealing that not only is he uninjured by that attack, but he is not the main Espada; the Espada tattoo on his left pectoral shows that he is only number four. Ichigo can barely believe his eyes and asks if he is number four, to which he Ulquiorra responds that he is the Cuatro Espada Ulquiorra Cifer, and among the Espada his power is ranked fourth. He then impales Ichigo through the chest with his bare hand and tells him that he cannot defeat him, and that even if he did there are three more Espada above him. He concludes that there can never be any victory for either him or his friends.[27] As Ichigo lies fatally wounded, Ulquiorra expresses his disappointment that he overestimated Ichigo's abilities, as he failed to meet his expectations. He leaves Ichigo, suggesting that he retreat if able to and die if not die; either way, his journey has ended.

Fake Karakura Town arc

The two battle, with Ichigo on the defensive blocking Ulquiorra's amazingly fast attacks, but he eventually decides to go on the offensive and follows the Espada's movements close enough to catch his arm and land a blow. Although the blow barely cuts Ulquiorra, it proves that Ichigo is now stronger and capable of seeing his movements where he was unable to do so in their previous battle. Undeterred, Ulquiorra shows Ichigo his true speed, amazing him that he can move even faster. He closes in on Ichigo only to be repelled by Orihime's Santen Kesshun technique.[37]

Ulquiorra asks her why she chose to help Ichigo, to which Orihime does not know what to say. Ulquiorra proceeds to explain her why she interfered, though before he can tell her Ichigo interrupts and says that none of it matters. He then prepares a Getsuga Tenshō, but Ulquiorra tells him that by now he should know that technique will not work on him. Ulquiorra is surprised that Ichigo does not release the blast, instead keeping it wrapped around his sword so that his blows have the power of Getsuga behind them. Before Ichigo can gain any footing, Ulquiorra deflects the attack and states that, although Ichigo may think he has developed a skill to use against him, he must have forgotten that the technique did not work against him even with his mask on and that an unmasked Getsuga is useless no matter how he uses it. When Ichigo notices the presence of Loly and Menoly, who have grabbed Orihime while she stood back from the fight, he advances on them, but Ulquiorra intercepts Ichigo and misdirects his Getsuga Tenshō. He tells Loly not to misinterpret his actions for he was not trying to save her. He then continues blocking Ichigo's way to Orihime while monitoring the situation behind him and tells Ichigo that he will have to kill him in order to fight anyone else. They are then interrupted by the arrival of Yammy as he bursts through the floor.[38]

Yammy states that he is there to help him. Ulquiorra replies he did not ask for his help, and he notices Yammy has recovered fully. Ulquiorra tells him his job is elsewhere, suggesting he should either go back to sleep or fight the other Captains that are nearby, but Yammy refuses. When questioned by Yammy about why the females are there, Ulquiorra simply tells him to ask them, turning around to engage Ichigo once more and block his path to Orihime. When Yammy defeats Menoly and Loly, he asks Ulquiorra if he is allowed to kill Orihime next, but they are interrupted by Uryū Ishida who takes on Yammy.

chigo finally dons his Hollow mask and proves to be completely resistant to Ulquiorra's attacks, even managing to begin cracking his blade. Ichigo fires another Getsuga Tenshō but Ulquiorra dodges it and moves through the hole in the wall to the outside and fires a cero at Ichigo. He is surprised to find that Ichigo has effortlessly blocked it. Ulquiorra quickly uses Sonido to get above Ichigo and head to the top of of the dome of Las Noches with Ichigo close behind.[41] As Ichigo notices their location, Ulquiorra explains to him that there are two things forbidden within Las Noches: the first is using the Espada's Gran Rey Cero, and the second is any of the Espada ranked four or above releasing their Zanpakutō, as either has the potential power to destroy the fortress. He then proceeds to releases his Zanpakutō. He warns Ichigo to stay focused and alert before using Sonído and attacking him with a spiked weapon. Ichigo defends himself with a Getsuga Tenshō reflexively, yet the upper-right portion of his mask is destroyed. Ulquiorra notices the reflex and says that if Ichigo had not done so, then his head would be lying at his feet.[42]

Ulquiorra mentions that Ichigo's power has increased and that he is able to maintain it longer but he was still able to easily shatter his mask, He then goes to attack Ichigo.[43] As the javelin hurtles toward Ichigo he dodges until Ulquiorra gets in close and goads him into using his Getsuga Tenshō. Ulquiorra promises to show him the true difference in their power. Ichigo states he was going to do so anyhow and releases the attack, but Ulquiorra is completely unharmed. The Cuatro Espada mentions that Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō is similar to his Cero. When Ichigo disagrees, Ulquiorra notes that he hasn't yet seen it, and demonstrates the Espada's fully powered Cero Oscuras.[44]

The Black Cero critically injures Ichigo and completely destroys his mask.[45] As Ichigo falls Ulquiorra hurls him into a nearby building and tries to force Ichigo to give up, believing he has successfully proven himself to be vastly stronger and that Hollows are superior to humans and Shinigami in power. When Ichigo tries to use Getsuga in defiance, Ulquiorra loses his calm and slices him with his javelin destroying the tower they are in, saying it is useless for Ichigo to keep trying. He then strikes a falling Ichigo again sending him flying into another tower, then picks Ichigo up by the throat and tells him to just drop his sword and give up as by now he can see the difference in their strength. Ichigo asks him if he thinks he should give up just because he is stronger than him. Ichigo states that as he has always known that Ulquiorra was stronger, nothing he sees will change his mind and that he will defeat him regardless of his strength. Hearing this, Ulquiorra decides to show Ichigo true despair by transforming into his second release form.

Ulquiorra explains to the stunned Ichigo that, among the Espada, only he has achieved a second release form, which even Aizen has not witnessed. Ichigo still attempts to fight showing no fear, Ulquiorra resolves to make Ichigo understand fear, even if he has to tear Ichigo's body to shreds. He flies towards Ichigo at full force and easily overwhelms him with his speed, sending him flying into another large pillar. He grabs Ichigo's blade and whips him with his tail sending him hurtling but Ichigo goes on the defense summoning his hollow mask. Ulquiorra expresses his inability to understand Ichigo's resolve, believing it is a Human's "heart", which causes them pain and will result in their deaths. Uryū and Orihime arrive to the top of the dome just in time to see Ulquiorra send a Black Cero through Ichigo's chest.[47]

After dropping Ichigo's limp body, Orihime attempts to heal him, but Ulquiorra blocks her path, stating that her powers are not enough to bring Ichigo back to life. Uryū fires an arrow at him, but Ulquiorra easily deflects it with his wing. Even a volley of arrows proves ineffective, and Ulquiorra expresses that he believed Uryū to be the calmest of Ichigo's friends. Uryū states that he is calm, which is why he is able to fight him. As Orihime's attempt to heal Ichigo fails, Ulquiorra manages to sever Uryū's left hand. Despite this, Uryū tries to fight the Espada, but is quickly defeated. Orihime, not knowing what to do, begins to panic and screams for Ichigo to help. Ichigo's arm begins to move and his hair begins to grow longer.

Ichigo stands, appearing entirely different wearing a new Hollow mask with long horns. Shocked at his enemy's unexpected revival, and believing Ichigo to be dead, Ulquiorra demands to know who he is. Ichigo summons his sword to his hand without touching it and answers with a roar. Believing words to be useless, Ulquiorra fires a Cero Oscuras. To his surprise, Ichigo fires a Cero powerful enough to counter it. Ulquiorra refuses to believe a human could release a Cero, especially one capable of blowing away his own. Ichigo appears behind him and effortlessly takes off the Espada's left arm.[49] He quickly regenerates the arm, and states he is the only Arrancar capable of instantly regenerating any non-vital body part. He resorts to using Lanza del Relámpago. The attack misses, creating a massive explosion in the desert and causing Ulquiorra to state to himself that it is a difficult technique to control. Once a second spear is prepared, Ichigo appears right beside him, startling Ulquiorra because he used Sonído. Ichigo throws the detached arm at him, but Ulquiorra slashes it away and thrusts the spear. Ichigo catches it with a single hand and breaks it. Ulquiorra is left dumbfounded, allowing Ichigo to slice him down the torso and slam him to the ground. Ulquiorra states that he cannot believe he was defeated by a Human turned Hollow. Ichigo steps on Ulquiorra's head and begins charging a Cero. Ulquiorra comments on how Ichigo shows no mercy, something very Hollow-like, but because Ichigo has beaten him he has no reason to live. Ichigo releases the Cero, creating a vast and powerful explosion on the dome of Las Noches.[50]

Ulquiorra barely survives, but his left arm, both legs, and lower torso are blown away in the blast. Ichigo tosses his tattered body aside and prepares to impale his throat with his sword. Uryū stops him, stating Ichigo will no longer be Human if he goes through with such a merciless finish. Ichigo stabs Uryū in retaliation and just as he is about to attack Uryū with a Cero, Ulquiorra, having partially regenerated, severs one of Ichigo's horns, causing his Cero to disperse skyward.[51] The explosion shatters Ichigo's mask and he collapses to the ground. As his body and leg begin to regenerate, Ulquiorra thinks to himself that it is merely a front, as his internal organs were decimated from Ichigo's Cero and cannot regenerate. Even so, he believes Ichigo is finally dead. However, the hole in his chest completely repairs itself and Ichigo awakes, shocking Ulquiorra with his ability to use high-speed regeneration. He removes Zangetsu from Uryū's chest and throws it to the newly awoken Ichigo and demands for the fight to finish.

Ichigo refuses, stating his arm and leg should be cut off too for the fight to be fair, as it was his Inner Hollow who interfered. Ulquiorra prepares to cut off his arm and leg, but his body begins to dissolve into ash and he realizes he is finished. He tells Ichigo to kill him now, but Ichigo again refuses. Ulquiorra woefully exclaims Ichigo never does what he wants, and he admits that his interest in humans has increased. He takes one final glance at Orihime and asks her if she is frightened of him. With a saddened expression, she tells him she is not afraid. In his final thoughts, Ulquiorra ponders what a heart is. The Cuatro Espada reaches out to Orihime with his hand, but before Orihime can grab hold of it his own hand begins to dissolve into ash. From her gesture he finally realizes what a heart is, believing that there in his disintegrated hand is a heart. Ulquiorra fades entirely into the wind.


Name: Murciélago
Seal Description: (黒翼大魔 (ムルシエラゴ), Murushierago; Spanish for "Bat", Japanese for "Black-Winged Great Demon"). Ulquiorra's Zanpakutō takes the form of a standard sized katana with a green handle and sheath. The guard has two curved extensions from its long sides, with a line going through both sides to give it an eye-like appearance.
Aspect of Death: Nihilism
Release Phrase: Its release command is "Enclose" (鎖せ, tozase).[88] Murciélago unleashes a black (with green outline) burst of spiritual energy that falls around Ulquiorra as green rain. In his released state, Ulquiorra becomes bat-like in appearance. While in this form he gains large black bat wings on his back, his hair becomes longer and wilder, and the remains of his Hollow mask centers atop his head, with two large horns extending outward to the sides towards the front. The lines on his face become black, broader and more triangular and his fingernails lengthen. His Arrancar attire becomes more form fitting and closed at the top, becoming more like a robe towards the bottom. In this form, he can use his wings for flight.[89]
Element/Class type:( Lightning/dark matter
Resurreccion Appearance:
Murciélago unleashes with a burst of spiritual energy that falls around Ulquiorra as black rain. In his released state Ulquiorra becomes bat-like. He gains giant wings on his back, his hair becomes longer and wilder on the left side of his head, his hollow helmet centers atop his head, with two large horns extending outward to the sides towards the front. The lines on his face become broader and more triangular and his fingernails lengthen. His arrancar attire becomes more form fitting and closed at the top becoming more like a robe towards the bottom. His overall appaerence resembles that of a vampire. In this form he uses a spike-like weapon instead of a sword that can easily destroy a small part of Las Noches, along with part of Ichigo's mask.

Resurrección Special Ability: He gains even greater physical abilities in this form. Ulquiorra also has the unique ability to enter a second released form, called Resurrección Segunda Etapa.

* Javelin Generation: He is shown to have the ability to generate green energy javelins.[90] He uses them as ranged weapons throwing them at an opponent and as a melee weapon.

* Enhanced Speed: His speed is greatly enhanced, able to move great distances in an instant as if to displace himself, and able to push Ichigo to the point that even his Hollow mask-enhanced Bankai has difficulty keeping up.[91]

* Enhanced Hierro: His Hierro has also vastly increased in strength to the point where a Getsuga Tenshō with Ichigo's mask activated has no effect at all.[92]

* Enhanced Spiritual Power: Though already possessing immense spiritual power once released his black, green outlined spiritual energy permeates the area, it is intense enough to create a profound effect on others as well as to cause what appears as green rain to fall in the surrounding area when he releases.

* Resurrección: Segunda Etapa (刀剣解放第二階層 (レスレクシオン・セグンダ・エターパ), resurekushion segunda etāpa; Spanish for "Resurrection Second Stage", Japanese for "Sword's Release: Second Level") Upon his transformation, Ulquiorra boasts that he is the only Arrancar among the Espada who is able to reach a second Resurrección form, and that even Aizen has not seen him in this form.[95] Ulquiorra refers to his second state as "True Despair", both before and after its release, because the immensely dense spiritual pressure it releases instills despair upon those around him. While he retains his black wings, his long white coat is gone, revealing a more defined musculature with his chest bare and Hollow hole (which has become larger) dripping black, blood-like liquid. His waist becomes covered in something similar to black fur, which also covers his arms and legs. His fingers grow claw-like extensions and his feet become like talons. The irises of his eyes turn yellow while the sclera becomes green. The tear-like marks under his eyes increase in size and turn black. Ulquiorra's mask remains turn into two long horns, and the #4 Espada tattoo is no longer visible on his chest.[96] He grows a very long and thin but powerful tail which is capable of being used as a weapon or to lift and strangle a victim.[97][98]

* Overwhelming Spiritual Power: Ulquiorra's already-immense spiritual power is significantly increased furthermore upon entering his second stage. Even being within the vicinity of his release instills despair on those who can sense it. Uryū Ishida, a Quincy who is an expert at sensing reiatsu, noted that the density of Ulquiorra's spiritual power was so vast that it could hardly be identified as reiatsu. "It's like no spiritual energy I've ever felt before...It's not just bigger or stronger. It's too dense and heavy to even be called spiritual energy. It feels like there's an ocean above the sky..." Ulquiorra in his second form has a reiatsu that can easily match or even overpower those of Ichigo Kurosaki and Kenpachi Zaraki (at full power of course.)

~Standard Techniques~

Ulquiorra is the Cuarta Espada in Aizen's army, meaning Ulquiorra's abilities are fourth amongst all of the arrancar and hollow under Aizen's command. His might is great enough that he can fight on even grounds with a full strength Ichigo while in bankai form and withstand most of the impact from a black Getsuga Tenshō.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: He appears to be very efficient in swordsmanship, being able to fight on-par with Ichigo Kurosaki and even slice through his Getsuga Tenshō. Ulquiorra prefers to wield his sword with his right hand, leaving the other hand free though it usually remains in his pocket. He is quite adept at blocking while his offense is capable of great precision. He was able to fend off Ichigo using his hollow mask-enhanced bankai long enough to reach the top of Las Noches, although his zanpakutō was nearly broken.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Though he hasn't shown the extent of his abilities in this field as of yet, Ulquiorra has shown to rely mostly on hand-to-hand combat, rarely drawing his sword at all. Ichigo speculates that he only draws his sword against opponents he considers "worthy". Ulquiorra also seems to prefer applying an 'off-the-ground' method of combat, often being seen attacking opponents from aerial standpoints, such as when he attempted to use his Cero on an offending Grimmjow Jeagerjaques by attacking him from the air above his head, or when he jumped upwards with a Sonido, in an attempt to catch Ichigo Kurosaki off guard during their most recent confrontation.

Sonído Expert: One of Ulquiorra's more noticeable traits is his tremendously skillful speed. He has demonstrated the ability to catch up with Ichigo Kurosaki after kicking him from a tower in a few moments.[1] He has also shown the ability to skillfully keep up with Ichigo's bankai speed. In addition, his superior experience allows him to push Ichigo's reflexes to the limit.

Keen Intellect: In addition to his remarkable combat prowess, Ulquiorra is also gifted with great insight and understanding to situations at hand. His intelligence is such that even Aizen, a man arguably best-known for his intellect, has respect for as he sent Ulquiorra to investigate Ichigo's power and threat level. With his calm and collected nature, Ulquiorra can be highly perceptive and analytical, allowing him to easily deduce the basic idea of his opponent's skills to figure out its strengths and weakness.

Cero: Ulquiorra has been shown using Cero from his fingers with very destructive power. His Cero is a green color instead of red, which is more common among Arrancar and Hollows.

Bala: The technique hardens the user's spiritual pressure and fires it like a bullet from their fist.

Hierro (鋼皮(イエロ), Hiero; (Spanish for "iron"): refers to the hardened skin of the arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. He can deflect attacks of similar power barehanded. He is able to fight Ichigo in his Hollow form without unsheathing his sword, rendering Ichigo defenseless with two attacks and not sustaining injuries of any kind. He could also take a direct hit from Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu with only a minor cut on his chest and in his released the attack seems to have no effect on him.

Enhanced Strength: Ulquiorra has proven to be deceptively strong for his built. He has shown able to physically discipline Yammy, an Espada arrancar known primarily for his strength, with no visible effort in an elbow strike. He has also shown the ability to kick Ichigo Kurosaki a tremendous distance with one kick.[2]

Garganta (黒腔(ガルガンタ), Garuganta; Spanish for "throat"): is how Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. Ulquiorrra has the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

Instant Replay: Ulquiorra has the unusual ability to replay events he has seen to others by removing and crushing an eye, which then turns into dust and flows around those Ulquiorra intends to use it on. The dust shows images of what Ulquiorra has seen during his missions.

* Regeneration: Ulquiorra appears to have regenerative powers as after he removed and crush one of his eyes, he is seen with two eyes again in his next appearance, and Yammy comments on it to that effect.

Vast Spiritual Power: His spiritual power is very high, comparing his own spiritual power to the likes of Ichigo. As on of the top 4 Espada, he is forbidden to release his zanpakutō within Las Noches. That is because they are too powerful and such a release would cause great damage. During his first meeting with Ichigo he comments that the shinigami's energy fluctuates from being "trash", to stronger than his own.

~Other Techniques~

Name: Cero Oscuras
Usage:( 1st and 2nd release
Description: (黒虚閃, (セロ・オスキュラス), sero osukyurasu; Spanish for "Dark Zero", Japanese for "Black Hollow Flash"): It is a black Cero with a green outline to it, which Ulquiorra states to be similar to Ichigo's black Getsuga Tenshō. This Cero presumably can only be used while he is in his release state. Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras is powerful enough to blast Ichigo's mask away and destroy a large part of the city-sized Las Noches' dome. Ulquiorra refers to it as "our Cero". It can also be used in the Segunda Etapa form.[94]
Duration: brief
Cool Down: 2 posts/ 1 post while under use in segunda.

Name: Instantaneous Cero Oscuras
Usage:( 2nd release
Description: Ulquiorra can fire a seemingly instant Cero Oscuras while in his second state. The technique is highly similar to a Bala attack because of its tremendous speed, only with the proportional strength of a Cero Oscuras, as opposed to the standard red Cero. It was so powerful that it made a large hole through Ichigo's chest.
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: 2 posts

Name: Lanza del Relámpago
Usage:( 2nd release
Description: Lanza del Relámpago (雷霆の槍 (ランサ・デル・レランパーゴ), ransa deru reranpāgo; Spanish for "Lance of the Lightning", Japanese for "Lance of Thunder and Lightning"): Ulquiorra creates a javelin-like weapon using his spiritual power, which he can use as a projectile or as a physical weapon. When thrown, it produces an incredibly-destructive explosion on impact, which dwarfs the fortress of Las Noches in height. Ulquiorra prefers to not use the attack at close range, most likely because the resulting blast would damage himself as well as Las Noches. While he can use these spears in rapid succession, he has difficulty controlling their trajectory. Ulquiorra is also able to use this attack as a blade, and he can use it to either disintegrate material upon impact, as seen when he struck away his own amputated arm that Hollow Ichigo had just thrown at him;[100] or to cut, as seen when he used it to sever one of Hollow Ichigo's horns to prevent him from using a Cero on Uryū.
Duration: Until thrown or broken
Cool Down: Instant

~Survival Arc~

Upon turning to black dust Ulquiorra`s body was transferred to a labratory, Unknown to him at the time however a certain captain took note of this ability kurosuchi mayuri found Ulquiorra transferred into a glass container, inside of las noches, he was going to take this subject to SS seeing as he was in cold sleep until his powers would return fully, the captain decided to return at a later time and investigate the espada... a few days later Ulquiorra awakened, imprisioned in the very container, the escape was rather flashy but requierd little of his attention now that he had regained most of his powers, he settled, he was now fully revived, Ulquiorra found no reason to stay in las noches anymore, and since Aizen seemed dead there was no point in living. That would normally have been the case if Ulquiorra before his "death" had not been entrusted with a heart. Ulquiorra soon after this traveled to the human realm attempting to full fill his reason of existence.

~Rp Sample~

The garganta opened outside this magnificant, palace inside Las noches, the pool and several furnitudes revealed themself`s before the garganta as it opened slowly and finally Ulquiorra walked out trough the garganta as it went shut, Ulquiorra mentally sighed, his neck was getting a bit sore from moving the girl on his shoulder all the time, Ulquiorra wanted to relax a bit, he wondered if the girl could wait, it seemed like she was not going anywhere, not like she really could with guards on every gate...

every room reflected one another, the floor was black marmor, and the furnitude where white, in the middle of the big room a round bed with both black and white colors stood majestically on the middle of the big room, outside the room a big pool reflected the sun shines from the inner shining sun of las noches, no plants where visible just some sand around the pool of blood...

there was a small bed next to the pool, there where some fruits on a table neatly put in a small box, all together it seemed like a nice place to relax, not one could imagine this was a place filled with hollows and arrancars

Ulquiorra gently placed the woman on the soft big bed as two arrancar servants came to heal her wounds compleytley, Ulquiorra stepped out of the room and walked towards the bed right beside the pool, he slowly took his jacket off, and a servant put some new clean clothes on the bed and took the dirty ones away to be cleaned, then as Ulquiorra was compleytley naked he stepped down into the pool, he walked down into it about 20 feet before it reached his neck and he closed his eyes and took a dive into the red pool...

~ Everything had gone black, the last thing the Quincy remembered when she opened her eyes was seeing the scared face of Val before the dizzyness had taken control of her and let her fall into the black void of unconsciousness. Her limbs were still feeling a little heavy, but at least she could breathe now without a trouble and the searing pain in her chest had vanished. With caution, Yuki sat slowly up and took a good look at her surroundings. Where am I...? Did that person manage to save me, or was I actually kidnapped? Then who took care of my wounds? Surely no kidnapper would just...heal their victim? All those questions swarmed inside her head as she turned on the bed and swung her feet down to the floor. She was still wearing her school uniform, that was slightly tattered and dirty by now. There was still some dirt in her long hair from the explosions, and she was sure that she'd never be able to comb through it again. Well at least I'm alive... She didn't see anyone around, but assumed that she wasn't just left here without being guarded. ,,Uhm..hello?"

There came no answer. Well that wasn't really surprising. Yuki came to the conclusion that she didn't want to just stay lying here, so she stood slowly up and looked around once again. This room was big and decorated in a very elegant, yet simple way. With shaky feet she walked to the end of it and paused in the door. Looking left and right she didn't see anyone so she decided to take a few more steps, after all, what could there possibly more happen to her in one day? As she stepped outside, the sight she saw made her blink and then wonder if there was something wrong with her eyesight. A pool...? It had a red light to it, that was reflected from the sun so it gave the impression of being as red as blood. But that just couldn't be... right?

Yuki was about to take one more step towards the pool when she noticed that someone was in it. Her first reactions were to turn around all flustered and apologize, but something made her stop. This was the hollow creature that had attacked them all, which could only mean that he had succeeded in kidnapping her. That fact came crashing down on her and she felt all the energy just get blown from her body, her face paling at the realization. She was now in the enemy's fortress, with probably no hope of getting back anytime soon. Just now did she notice how weak her legs still were as she fell without a sound to the ground and just sat there as her knees had given out. All the tension, adrenalin and shock from the last hours washed through her and a single tear of hopelessness and despair crawled down her cheek as with a shocked face and wide eyes she stared dumbfounded at her captor.

Everything that swirled in her head came down in a single word that was whispered out. ,,Why?" ~
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Proceed with the examination.... please
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Unless there is disapproval from other people, I'm saying this is good to go.

And as far as I know you can be the 4th Espada again. I don't think we have one yet. If you want.
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