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 Luna Flores, the fraccion for Ulquiorra.

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Luna Flores


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PostSubject: Luna Flores, the fraccion for Ulquiorra.    Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:06 pm

Arrancar/Espada Application


Name: Luna Flores
Alias/Nickname: Moon flower(the meaning of her name)
Actual Age:220
Physical Age:15
Rank: Fraccion
Modified: modified arrancar


Height: 5.5
Eye Color:aqua blue
Hair Color/Style:Long purple hair, the bangs being let loose in order to frame her face
Complexion: Pale but it has a soft soft to it.

Remains of Mask: Look in signature/avatar
Hollow Hole: Between her chest and narvel.
Espada Tattoo: Since she isen`t an espada, she has been tattooed with her birth number instead, which is 23. The tattoo is located on her left shoulder.
Picture: Look in signature



When you first look at Luna, you will think that she dosen`t know the word emotions. Her face is, for the most part, stuck in the same emotionless way, her lips being firmly closed together, her eyes looking uninterested, yet intimidating in a strange way. In truth, she does know what emotions is, in fact she has a lot of them, she just sees it pointless to smile all the time. The only time you will really see her smile is when she`s relaxed and in a good mood. Through it isen`t shown, Luna has a very large interest in new things, often resulting in her spending hours, sometimes days, to try and figure out something new she has found. Her large curiosity makes her more innocent, if you ever see it, but it also leads to people underestimating her. When it comes to fighting, Luna chooses to avoid it if possible. Fighting without a good reason is waist of time and will simply lead to more conflicts. When she does engage in battle, she attacks without mercy, ending most of her fights before they even begun.

Her way of dressing is also unique among the arrancar`s. Were most arrancar females wears revealing clothing, Luna is fully covered up. Her uniform does hug her slender waist and arms, as well as her chest, but its tame compared to what the others wear. Luna`s choice of not revealing much skin, mostly comes from that she dosen`t wanna be judged on the way she dresses or how her body looks. Its also because she simply finds the amount of skin that some arrancar women show, for to much.

Quirks: Very curios, likes tea, not much of a talker, has a kind heart deep within-
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status:Single

Living act:

Luna`s history started out relatively normal. She was born as the youngest of five in a small village near London. Her father spend most of the day in the field harvesting, while her mother was making sheets in order to get some extra money. Luna always wanted to go with her father into the fields, already now her curiosity was large, but her mother always said no, telling her that a woman`s place was in the home. Years went by, and on a hot summer morning, the twelve year old Luna snuck out in order to explore the fields for the first time. As she reached the fields, the scent of flowers mixed with hay filled her nose. The young girl was happy, she could finally satisfy some of her curiosity. She spend hours playing in the fields, chasing a few butterflies and picking some flowers. As the sun went down, so went her energy for the day. On the way home, there was the large stream to cross. When she went into the fields, she had used the bridge, but since her father was on his way home, he would maybe spot her running across it. After a bit of search, she found some flat rocks that she could jump on to get over. When she was almost over, she slipped onto one of the rocks, falling into the water. Luna was lucky, she died the instant that her neck broke against the rocks, feeling nothing....

Spirit act:

When she awoke, the moon was up and the starts was shinning from the sky. As she sat up, she noticed a odd looking chain coming out from her chest. As she inspected it further, she noticed that it had broken off, only 4 links remaining. She stood up, dusted herself off and began follow the stream, hoping that she could find a bridge, or something were she could find some people to ask for help. Due to luck, she didn`t see as her dead body flowed through the water. Months passed and summer turned to winter. Luna spend all of her time trying to get contact to people, but all ignored her, as if they could`t see her. One day, a young man walked over to her and pulled her into an ally. "What`s your name?", he asked in a kind voice, whispering as if he was afraid of other hearing him. "S-sofie..", the small girl responded(Sofie was Luna`s living name). The man began to explain to her that she had died and become a spirit. He also explained about the shinigami, he said that they were kind people to led spirits like her to a safe place were she could get new friends. Luna asked were he knew that from, and he responded that he had been able to see shinigami, spirits and hollows for as long as he had lived. Luna asked about hollows, but all he said was that they were evil spirits. The man noticed the chain in her belly, there were only half a link left on it. Without hesitation, he took Luna by her hand and said, that he would help her find a shinigami. Luna was of caused confused over this, but she was glad not to be alone anymore..

Becomming a menos act:

After a few days, a shinigami found the two laying in a grass field were they had spend the night. The shinigami awoken the spiritual aware man, telling him to step away from Luna since the remaining of her link had dissapeared. The man refused, stating that there was still time to preform soul burial onto her. The shinigami simply showed him aside and drew his sword, ready to kill the girl. All of a sudden, Luna opened her eyes, her fully devoured chain turning into a whole in her belly. She slowly stood up, letting out a fierce roar. As the shinigami swung his sword in order to kill her, the human jumped in front of her, getting cut across his chest. Luna, having transformed into a large lion-alike hollow with a snake mask, looked down at the dead human. "...Why?....Why did you kill him!?...I don`t want to be alone!". She opened her jaws and closed them around the torso of the shinigami, eating it without hesitation, the rest of the body following. She felt a sudden power rush through her, it was a wonderful feeling. She looked down at the human, the loneliness returning once more. He was dead, what was she gonna do?

She was brought out of thoughts when she heard a roar coming from behind. A hollow that looked like a rhino was standing a few feet from her, its hungry eyes shinning through its mask. As it charged towards Luna, she jumped out of the way and bit hard into its back leg, eating it in one mouthful. The rhino hollow roared again, but it was soon silenced as Luna ate it as well. Luna ate hollow after hollow, seeing the rush of power as the only way to remove her painful loneliness. Eventually she gathered together with many other hollows of her level in hunger, and they began to eat each other. They "melted", together into a menos gullian at the third night of the "feast". The monos traveled to huecho muncho, using kumon(air gate), in the search for food.

Becoming a Adjushas act:

Luna spend many years as apart of the menos, slowly gaining the control over the other hollows that had made up the menos with her to begin with. Eventually the mask transformed into a lion-alike shape, meaning that Luna had taken full control over it. Now that she had control over her body, her curiosity for how the world above the "roof", looked. She had seen the light of the moon in a few holes of the "roof", and wanted to know what made the light. Even through she regretted it, she knew that the only way to make it to the surface, was to eat her fellow menos. Many more years went by of her eating the mother gullian`s, and eventually she grew into a smaller form. Having transformed to a Adjushas, she began to eat other Adjushas`s so she would`t turn back into a gullian.

After years as an Adjushas, Luna was finally able to crawl onto the surface. she spend the first couple of hours on just watching the moon and the white sand, it had been such a long time since she had seen any form of light. She began to look at herself, and how she really had changed. Luna had the appearance of a lion, her paws, neck and back being covered by bone plates. A pair of purple wings extended from her back, and a long purple mane covered most of her neck. A black tail with a snake head at the end came out from the end of her back, a mask covering the head of the snake as well. Luna and the snake looked at each other for a few moments. Despite the snake shared a body with her, it didn`t talk or think, it simply was there. The hopes of finally having company dissapeared again, and she began to hunt for food on the sand of the hollow world...

The end of loneliness act

After many years as a Adjushas, Luna had begun to notice a change in her appearance. She was now walking on two legs, which gave her a massive advantage when it came to fighting other Adjushas`s. Her mane had grown a bit shorter and less wild, making it look more like hair. Her mask had fallen off at some places, her left eye and mouth being visible. The snake tail had grown a little shorter and her wings a little more streamlined. Her front paws had transformed into hands being covered with black fur, her feet remaining bone covered paws. Having become stronger, Luna began to spend her time on looking for any kind of company, that would relive the painful loneliness she had felt all the years.

One day, just as she had sat down into the sand to look at the moon again, she was approached by a man. The man had neck long brown hair, a handsome face, brown eyes, strong warm hands and had an almost calming aura around him. He didn`t have any bones in his face, and his reaitsu felt different from a hollow. He was wearing a strange uniform with a white and black pattern. Instead of attacking him, she simply looked up at him and smiled a little, hoping that he could end her loneliness by killing her. To her surprise, the man simply knelled down and ran his warm hand over her "hair", looking directly into her eyes as if she was equal to him. Luna shugged a bit over the warm feeling, feeling herself being paralyzed by his intense look.

"...Why aren`t you attacking me?", the man asked in a gentle voice while removing his hand from her hand. "I...because i don`t want to be alone anymore...", "i see....such a poor thing..", he said in a sleek voice, making it appear that he felt pity for her. "Why don`t you come with me? I can grant you protection from evil hollows....make you beautiful...give you a home were you can live with others of your kind...and power so you can protect them". He held out his hand towards her, his eyes never leaving her one visible eye. As Luna took his hand, the man`s smile turned into a pleasant smirk. "I`m pleased to see your name is Aizen Souske...".

The birth of Luna Flores!

She followed the man named Aizen for hours, her eyes focusing onto the large castle in the distance they were walking towards. As they reached the front doors of the large castle, she felt that her eyes began to become heavy. The last thing she saw before passing out in the front door, was the white bandages being wrapped around her body. She was awoken by the feeling of many spiritual presences surrounding her. Her entire body had been wrapped in bandages so she could`t move. "Withness the power of god..", the voice of Aizen sounded from somewhere in front of her. Luna felt a shock go through her entire body, filling her with power, altering her appearance, as well as destroying the mask over her face...

When she opened her eyes again, she saw a glass cage being lifted away from her, the bandages being removed as well. She slowly stood up and looked around herself, the first thing she noticed being around 10 figures she didn`t know, and Aizen standing in front of her. "...Welcome...what`s your name?", the brown haired man said, his warm smirk returning. "..Luna...Luna Flores..", she slowy spoke, not knowing were it came from. "..I see..well then, Luna-san...welcome to Las Noches...please say hello to your brothers and sisters..". Luna looked down at herself, noticing that she had become shorter and her skin had gotten smooth and pale. Her hair had grown down to her waist, and her snake tail had been gone. A katana was laying in front of her, her reaitsu eminating from it. As she picked it up, she was given a uniform. Without a word, she put on the uniform, noticing how long the sleeves were. She slided the katana into a holster, that was hanging from a belt around her waist.

Attack of the shinigami:

Luna spend her years as a modified arrancar serving as one of Aizen`s personal servants. Most of her time was spend on healing the injured espada`s, who had killed their fraccions in anger. The espada`s she mostly healed was the tenth named Yammy, and the sixth named Grimmjow, they were apparently the most violent of the espada`s. Due to healing them a lot of time, she ran into the man named Ulquiorra, a silent arrancar who had been ranked the fourth espada. From what she learned, Ulquiorra apperently was a rival to grimmjow, and was a partner to Yammy. After many years of serving under Aizen, a human girl named Orihime was kidnapped and brought to las noches. Luna was send into the lower chambers in order to guard there, meaning that she didn`t take part in the fighting done above against the shinigami. When she returned to the surface, las noches was mostly empty, only a few other fraccions having been left behind along with some former espada`s and such.

The news of Aizen`s capture by the shinigami soon reached las noches, sending the survivors into a state of shock. Luna spend her time on healing the injuried and finding survivors.

The life as fraccion beings

As two years passed, a new generation of arrancar`s slowly began to build up. Among the new espada`s, to Luna`s surprise, both Grimmjow and Ulquiorra returned. Grimmjow was demoted to be the fraccion of the sixth espada, the one who held his former rank, and Ulquiorra was allowed to keep his former rank as the fourth espada. As a modified arrancar, Luna had no were to be placed, meaning the new espada leader left her to herself.

One night, she was approached by Ulquiorra while cleaning a room. He told her that he wanted her as his fraccion, saying that the reasons was for her offensive powers, as well as her ability to heal, despite it was limited. At first, she hesitated, there was something suspicious over the almost always silent arrancar coming to her, saying that he wanted her as his servant. Eventually she gave in, the fear of being alone convincing her to take his offer.


Name: llorar Quimera (crying chimeara)
Seal Description: A 2.5 foot long standard katana with a purple hilt. She wears it on her right hip in a belt.
Aspect of Death: Loneliness
Release Phrase: Make them suffer
Element/Class type: Dark matter
Resurreccion Appearance:


~Standard Techniques~

Name: Cero (虚閃 (セロ), sero; Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash", Doom Blast in the Viz translation, "Empty Disaster" if the kanji is literally translated)
Description: Cero is a form of attack used by Menos, Arrancar and Visored. As a standard energy blast, it consists of firing a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. While in most cases it is fired from the mouth, some Arrancar and Visored are capable of firing Cero from their hands, fingers and other parts of their bodies. This often requires the user to under take a specific pose.
The power, force, speed, and blast area of the Cero is dependent on the strength of the user (i.e., the stronger the user, the stronger the attack), and there are some Arrancar and Visored who have come up with their own variation of Cero. The charging and firing time for Cero also varies greatly, from relatively charging fast to firing it to instantaneously fire one without much charging. Luna can fire a cero from her hand. Her cero`s strentgh can match the one of the seventh. In her released state, her cero can be fired from her snake tail`s mouth and both of her hands. In released state, the cero`s power will double in speed and its power will be able to hurt espada`s above the seventh seat
Duration: Instant.
Cool Down: 2 posts

Name: Bala (虚弾 (バラ), bara; Spanish for "Bullet", Japanese for "Hollow Bullet")
Description: Bala is an Arrancar-exclusive technique that hardens the user's Reiatsu and releases it like a swift blast of spiritual energy. While the technique is not nearly as powerful as a Cero, its speed is 20 times faster and allows for it to be fired in quick repetition. In addition, it possesses more concussive force than a Cero does. A Bala's speed and power varies with the Arrancar using it; Luna's Bala is the same strentgh as the seventh espada or below In the sealed state she fires it from her hand. In the released state, it can be fired from the tip of her third horn(the one in her forehead), or her snake tail`s mouth. In the released state its cable of hurting espada`s above seventh
Duration: Instant.
Cool Down: 2 posts.

Name:Hierro (鋼皮 (イエロ), iero; Spanish for "Iron", Japanese for "Steel Skin")
Description: An Arrancar technique in which the user's reiryoku condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakutō. This also allows them to fight some of the sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded. The strength of Arrancars' Hierro depends on their spiritual power.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down:

Name:Sonído (響転 (ソニード), Sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound", Japanese for "Sound Ceremony")
Description: a technique used by Arrancar which allows them to move at extreme speeds, making it highly similar to the Hohō (or Flash Steps as they are called in the English Dub) that Shinigami use. While somewhat similar to Hohō, Sonído appears to be more instinctual than Hohō, requiring no previous knowledge to perform. It also makes a different sound; rather than the swishing or sometimes silent Flash Step of the Shinigami, Sonído makes a booming or static sound
Duration: .Passive
Cool Down:

Name:Pesquisa (探査回路 (ペスキス), Pesukisa; Spanish for "Inquiry", Japanese for "Probe Circuit")
Description:is an Arrancar's ability to detect, sense and gauge the amount of Reiatsu in his or her vicinity. It functions similarly to Sonar.
Cool Down:

Cool Down:

~Innate Techniques~(Techniques almost exclusive to your character, NO MORE THAN 6 IN TOTAL, this includes resurrecion and out of resurrecion shoudl you choose to have some not in resureccion))

Name: oscura serpiente (dark snake)
Usage:( Sealed and released form.

Sealed state: Her katana will be engulfed in her dark purple reaitsu. Luna will then speak the name of the technique, and a black snake with shoot out of her reaitsu infused sword. The snake itself will be 15 feet long and 7 feet wide, the head being 9 feet wide. The snake is controlled by her left hand, meaning that if the opponent keeps a close look on it, they can predict were the snake will go, in the heat of a battle it will be hard through.

Released state: In the released state, Luna removes the drawback of having to use one of her hands to control it. By speaking the technique, her snake tail will begin to glow purple of her reaitsu. A copy of it will shoot out, growing 25 feet long and 17 feet thick, 19 feet at the head. The snake`s movements can be controlled by her thoughts, meaning the advantage that the opponents had with her hand in the sealed state, is removed.

Duration: Until the snake is killed or Luna chooses to withdraw it.
Cool Down: 4 posts in sealed state, 3 in released state.

Name:Pesadilla Cero (nightmare cero)
Usage:( sealed and released.

sealed: Luna will charge a normal cero and infuse it with her own reaitsu, causing it to turn purple. It will travle twice as fast as her normal cero, making it harder to avoid. The strentgh of it will also be increased, making it as strong as the fifth espada`s normal cero. It can be fired from her hands.

Released state: In the released state, Luna will charge a normal cero as well and infuse it with her own reaitsu. The cero will be 5 times faster than the on in the sealed state. Due to its massive increase in speed, it will only be as strong as her sealed nightmare cero.

Cool Down: 3 in sealed state, 2 in released.

Name:ardiente desesperación (burning despair)
Usage:( sealed and released

Sealed: Luna will infuse both of her hands with her purple reaitsu that takes the appearance of purple fire. She will them hold them together, and then place them against her chest. Two lions with snake tails will shoot out from her chest, without damaging her. The chimera`s will have the sizes of normal lions, and their snake tails will be around 4 feet long. The snake tails will be able to fire her normal bala out of their mouths, and the lions will be able to fire her normal cero.

Released state: Luna will again infuse both of her hands with the purple reaitsu, that once again takes the apperance of purple fire. This time, she will simply hold out her hands to the side, and 4 chimera`s will shoot out, two from each hand. These Chimera`s will be double as large as in the sealed state, and their snake tails will be ten feet long. The snake tails will be able to fire her nightmare cero`s with its sealed power and speed, while the lion`s will be able to fire it with her released power and speed.

Duration: 4 posts for sealed, 6 for released
Cool Down: 3 for sealed, 3 for released

Name: Garras de león (lion claws)
Usage:( sealed and released.

Sealed: Luna will slide her hand out of her sleeve and speak the name of the technique. Five two foot long claws made out of purple reaitsu will come out of her fingers, one per finger. The claws themselfs has sharp tips, which is able to penatrate the hierro of an espada.

Released: The five claws will shoot out from both of her hands this time. The claws themselfs will grow one foot longer, giving her a slightly increase in range.

Duration: 5 posts in sealed, 8 in released.
Cool Down: 4 in sealed, 3 in released.

Name:Toque de sanación (healing touch)
Usage:( sealed and released

Sealed: By adding reaitsu to her hands, Luna is cable of healing wounds to some extend. In its sealed state, she is cable of healing burns up to second degree and stop bleeding. She will also be able to heal broken bones, but not fully since its in sealed state. The sealed healing is mostly used to heal her allies.

Released: Luna is now cable of healing third degree burns and restore lost tissues and muscles. Her ability to heal broken bones has also been perfected, meaning that any broken bone can be healed. Her area of healing also goes father, making her cable of minorly healing her organs if they are damaged, making her cable of surviving longer after a fatal blow to the heart or such. Of cause the minor healing of her organ wont work if its complety destroyed and cannot be saved. In this state she will also be able to generate lost limbs, through it will take her two posts to do so.

Cool Down: 4 in sealed, 3 in released

Name:Grito de los mejores (Cry of the beast)
Usage:( Released
Description: Luna will lay her head back and let out a terrifying scream, resembling a cry of pain or despair. Her hair will grow all the way down to her knees, she will grow to the hight of 5.9 and her black fur will turn into a black, flowing dress. Her eyes will turn complety black, and a aura of her dark purple reaitsu will surround her(the aura dosen`t do anything). She will hold out her left hand, and a black chain will form around her left arm. At the end of the chain, a Chimera that`s the size of one and a half elephant will appear, the chain being connected to its neck. The chimera is cable of shooting her released form of nightmare cero`s. It can fire up to 15 cero`s before it has to wait 1 post. The chain that connects Luna is around 20 feet long, meaning that she has to stay within that range. The power of the cero`s will increase as well, so much that it can compare to the fifth espada`s power
Duration: 8 posts
Cool Down: can only be used one in a topic.
Note: I know the power increase is a lot, but it is surpose to be her last resort technique, which is why its only once in a topic it can be used

~Rp Sample~ Look at kemiko`s apply. I spend most of the time on the history, so i don`t have energy to do a roleplaying sample.

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Luna Flores


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Luna Flores, the fraccion for Ulquiorra.
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